A framework that allows leadership teams to have meaningful
conversations about the things that really matter.

The conversation that has to be had

Organisational alignment first requires agreement within your leadership team on what the goals are, who you have to be to achieve those goals, and how you need to be different as an organisation to get there.

Our framework provides an environment for leadership teams to stop the doing, and actually discuss the most important questions about the company’s future. To have a meaningful conversation about the things that really matter if everyone is to move in the same direction. 

We act as a catalyst, providing the diagnostic data, insights and structure to enable your leadership team to efficiently and accurately answer the five most important questions any business can ask itself.

We help your leadership team answer the five most important questions:

Why do we exist?
Your reason for being

Why is our purpose, beyond the pursuit of profit? Why do we all get up each day and come to work in this organisation?

What do we do?
The business you’re in

What do we do for a living, that uniquely defines what we are and who we are as a business?

Why do we matter?
How you create value

Why do we matter to our customers? What is the unique value that we create that differentiates us from all our competition?

Where are we going?
Your ultimate ambition

What is the Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal that we’re all striving to achieve? The thing that stretches us to do more each day and keeps us on course, even in turbulent times?

How do we get there?
Your core behaviours

What behaviours do we value most? What are the standards that we expect from each other?

A future that is not clearly defined

will not be achieved.

We then align your entire organisation

Once we have helped you distil your thoughts and ideas into a crystal-clear vision of the future, we align your leadership team and Board so your executive level is in lockstep with each other.

Then we align your employees by mobilising your vision, purpose, goals and behaviours so every member of your organisation knows where you are going and what’s expected of them.

We then bring your culture, brand, HR and operating systems into alignment so all parts of your business are allied with your strategic direction.

Finally, we measure alignment ongoing so you can build a resilient business.

A systemised, data-led alignment process

1. Discover

The Core Driver Test is a proprietary, online organisational psychology tool for uncovering who you need to become to achieve your goals, and how aligned you are, at every level, in that pursuit. Test outcomes are also verified through formalised board, leadership and customer interviews.

2. Articulate

A leadership workshop to review discovery insights and have a meaningful conversation about where the organisation is going and who the business needs to become to get there. The result is a crystal-clear articulation of your vision of the future; relevant, compelling and brutally simple, devoid of management-speak and jargon; to guide your organisation forward.

3. Mobilise

People alignment is achieved through an online mobilisation process, together with internal communications, ensuring everyone understands where your company is going and what’s expected of them personally. 

Operational alignment is achieved through a consulting process with individual departments to align your culture, brand, HR and operating systems with your strategic direction.

4. Measure

Alignment is measured ongoing through a proprietary diagnostic tool so you can keep everyone moving in the right direction.

Get your people moving

in the right direction