Organisations that lack a strong organisational identity are essentially rudderless. 

Many organisations have difficulty defining who they are and what they stand for 

It’s not that they haven’t tried, it’s just they never managed to articulate what it is that makes them who they uniquely are – their organisational identity. 

Consequently, they’re stuck. Unable to change themselves, or change the way they are seen, so they can become the business they know they have the potential to be. 

That’s because an organisation’s strategy, culture, behaviours, beliefs, practices, goals, priorities, and brand image are all manifestations of its identity.

Identity is the catalyst for organisational change

Without well-defined and articulated organisational identity, it’s impossible to know just how to change. 

Identity acts as a catalyst for change, providing a way for leaders to construct an envisioned end state – who their organisation must become – so that teams at all levels can understand it, identify with it, and take action to reach it.

Only when there is a shift in an organisation’s understanding of what it does, why it does it and what needs to change to realise its ambitions, does change become possible.

We make change visible

We help companies discover and articulate who they are and what they stand for. 

We then help them activate their identity within their culture and operations to motivate behaviour change, energise their people and accelerate change.  

Finally, we help them build their brand identity and tell their story, so they can be seen for who they truly are.


Defining who you are and what you stand for as an organisation.

  • Identity Profiling – Uncover what drives you
  • Organisational Identity – Know who you are 
  • Organisational Behaviours – Be clear on how you act


Activating your organisational identity to motivate behaviour change.

  • Identity Embedding – Drive organisational change
  • Workplace Activation – Inspire your workforce
  • Change Measurement – See your progress


Making sure everyone knows who you truly are.

  • Brand Design – Bring your identity to life
  • Storytelling – Tell your unique story
  • Identity Management – Stay true to who you are


1. Discover

Ideology’s Identity Survey is a proprietary, online organisational psychology tool for uncovering who you need to become to achieve your goals, and how aligned you are, at every level, in that pursuit. Survey outcomes are also verified through formalised board, leadership and customer interviews.

2. Articulate

A leadership workshop to review discovery insights and have a meaningful conversation about where the organisation is going and who the business needs to become to get there. The result is a crystal-clear articulation of your vision of the future; relevant, compelling and brutally simple, devoid of management-speak and jargon; to guide your organisation forward.

3. Activate

Cultural activation is achieved through operational embedding and workplace activation processes, ensuring everyone understands who you are and what you stand for, and what’s expected of them personally to achieve your ambition. 

4. Measure

Organisational change is measured ongoing through a proprietary identity diagnostic tool so you can keep everyone moving in the right direction.