What is organisational identity?

Organisational identity is a shared awareness and understanding of who an organisation is, and what it is trying to achieve.

A well-defined identity focuses attention on what’s important, providing a clear sense of not only what employees and executives are supposed to do, but why what they’re doing fundamentally matters

Benefits of a strong sense of identity

What this means, in the cut and thrust of business, is the right strategic and day-to- day decisions become instinctive and, once made, people have absolute confidence in those decisions.

Employees, and the departments in which they work, are more likely to cooperate with each other, as they have a common understanding about what’s important to the organisation as a whole. 

Telling the company’s story and talking about its differences becomes simpler and building a cohesive and distinctive brand and positioning becomes much more straightforward.

In short, a strong sense of identity makes organisational goals and priorities clear, so pursuing them becomes second nature. 



Defining and articulating who you are and what you stand for as an organisation to provide clarity of business goals.

  • Identity Surveys & Research
  • Organisational Identity Articulation 
  • Organisational Behaviours


Activating your identity to focus employee attention on what matters most and create a strong sense of belonging.

  • Commitment Charters
  • Employee Buy-in Workshops
  • Operational Alignment
  • Employee Value Propositions (EVP)
  • Employer Branding
  • Recruitment & Onboarding Communications
  • Identity Change Management


Externalising your identity so customers, investors and potential employees know who you are and can see what’s great about your business.

  • Brand Design
  • Business Naming
  • Storytelling
  • Brand Positioning
  • Branding
  • Website Design
  • Identity Management


1. Discover

Ideology’s Identity Survey is a proprietary, online organisational psychology tool for uncovering who you need to become to achieve your goals, and how aligned you are, at every level, in that pursuit. Survey outcomes are also verified through formalised board, leadership and customer interviews.

2. Articulate

A leadership workshop to review discovery insights and have a meaningful conversation about where the organisation is going and who the business needs to become to get there. The result is a crystal-clear articulation of your vision of the future; relevant, compelling and brutally simple, devoid of management-speak and jargon; to guide your organisation forward.

3. Activate

Cultural activation is achieved through operational embedding and workplace activation processes, ensuring everyone understands who you are and what you stand for, and what’s expected of them personally to achieve your ambition. 

4. Measure

Organisational change is measured ongoing through a proprietary identity diagnostic tool so you can keep everyone moving in the right direction.