“Of 18 exceptional, visionary companies,

17 were religiously driven by a core ideology.”

– Jim Collins, Built to Last

In a world in which change is accelerating exponentially, the biggest risk to companies is a rigid adherence to outdated management practices. 

Traditional management models for defining and building organisational belief systems result in traditional outcomes. If being a good organisation was still good enough, there would be no need for new thinking. However, good organisations are failing faster than at any other time in history. 

The brightest minds

That’s why we spent four years, working with some of the brightest minds in the country, to develop a better organisational belief system. A way that enables organisations to become so integrated, unified and focused, that they are able to function at a higher level – like superorganisations.

Our clients include ASX200 companies, medium to large public and private enterprises and not-for-profit organisations across all sectors.

Jaimie Ratten
Founder & Managing Director
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Colin Mackay-Coghill
Founder & Head of Strategy
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