Superorganisations have higher-level belief systems.

Superorganisations function at a higher level because they have higher-level belief systems – clearly defined, and deeply embedded, beliefs and principles that empower their people to work together in a more integrated, unified and focused way.

Belief systems that enable them to achieve the five characteristics required to become superorganisations. 

A brutally simple process

At Ideology, we’ve developed a robust, data-led process for transforming good organisations into superorganisations. Four years in development, our methodology for building higher functioning organisations is brutally simple, making it easy to implement in organisations employing thousands of people.

A robust, data-led process

1. Discover

The Core Driver Test is a proprietary, online organisational psychology tool for uncovering who you really are as an organisation; what you’re motivated to achieve and how aligned you are, at every level, in that pursuit. Test outcomes are also verified through formalised board, leadership and customer interviews.

2. Articulate

A leadership workshop to review discovery insights and model your belief system. The result is a crystal clear articulation of your organisation’s belief system; relevant, compelling and brutally simple, devoid of management-speak and jargon; to guide your organisation forward.

3. Mobilise

Embedding your belief system is achieved through an online embedding process, ensuring individual accountability by engaging every employee in the process. The result is that everyone understands what your belief system means for them personally and what’s required of them to deliver it every day.

4. Measure

Progress is measured ongoing through a belief system diagnostic tool.

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