We’ve developed a data collection and analytics tool that uses behavioural science to answer the most important question of all – ‘who are we?’.

Academic rigour

Developed in conjunction with a team of PhD’s (Psychology, Neuroscience, Philosophy and Business), it is a rigorous, diagnostic tool for analysing and understanding the true identity of your organisation through the worldview of your people.

Engages every employee

The tool collects data from every employee, as well as Board members and the Executive team to accurately identify the underlying human need your organisation serves, the motivations that drive behaviour and finally, your identity profile.

Rapid data collection and analysis

The platform-based survey takes less than 15 minutes to complete and data collection and analysis can be completed in less than a week, cutting months off the traditional methods.

Uncovers unique insights

The results provide Boards and Executives with never-before seen insight into the organisation, including motivations, work culture and management style, external perceptions, obstacles and opposing characteristics, as well as the principles best suited to the organisation.

See alignment levels

It reveals how aligned the Board, CEO, Executive team and individual departments are, as well as potential friction points.

Honesty and privacy safeguards

There is a Social Desirability Scale built in to understand how accurately people respond but individuals are treated as data points and not identified in reporting.