The Board is provided with new data and insights into the identity and alignment of the organisation, as well as a role in defining and articulating the organisation’s purpose.


The CEO can effectively point the business in the right direction and align everyone, from the Board to frontline staff behind it.

Executive team

It aligns the Executive team, ensuring they’re all pulling in the same direction and leading as a cohesive unit.


Provides the blueprint and tools to build the people strategy, as it guides everything from the type of person they hire to ensure a cultural fit to systems for driving engagement and managing performance.


It unifies their teams and provides tangible, actionable behaviours that they themselves create and then evaluate performance against.

Sales & marketing

Provides a crystal clear understanding of the organisation’s competitive advantage, it’s USP, and why the brand really matters to its customers.


Every individual in the business understands why the organisation exists and what it’s trying to achieve. They understand exactly how they are contributing to that and, importantly, understand how the organisation will support them in doing so.

New recruits

New employees come into a well-defined business, with a clear sense of direction and clearly defined behaviours, so they’re able to get up to speed faster.