“Vision without action is a dream.

Action without vision is a nightmare.”

– James Kerr

Get your people moving in the right direction

Ideology is an strategic alignment firm that works with ASX150 companies, public and private organisations, and not-for-profits. 

We help leaders to align their people with the strategic direction and goals of their organisations to ensure resilience in rapidly changing market conditions. 

Even though strategic alignment at every level is the outcome of what we do, the real value of our process is providing leadership teams with the time, opportunity and mental space to sit down together and have the conversations they should be having. 

To talk about the things that really matter if the business is to achieve its goals.

We’re not your typical consultants

We’re an eclectic group of strategists, business people, design thinkers and academics. We’ve brought some of the brightest minds in the country together to solve the problem of how best to align large and dispersed workforces towards a common goal. 

Our solution includes a new diagnostic tool that allows us to see what’s going on inside companies at a deeper level. We’re able to provide leaders with a view of their businesses that they’ve never seen before. 

It includes a new model to help leaders answer the most important questions in a way that is meaningful to everyone in the business, and a new communication and engagement tool for quickly mobilising workforces.   

It includes a solution for aligning culture and brand, as well as systems and processes, so all parts of the business can work together more effectively. Finally, it includes a new diagnostic tool for monitoring and managing organisational alignment, so companies can shift to where they need to go faster.

Jaimie Ratten
Founder & Managing Director
+61 407 755 188

Colin Mackay-Coghill
Founder & Head of Strategy
+61 409 107 027

Get your people moving

in the right direction